Reconstruct the basis of your course, reviewing the logistical, philosophical and practical parts of your program, as well as strengthening your message and conviction as the course director.

Give practical exercises for deeper connection between the mother and her child, the mother and her partner and between the participants themselves.

Strengthen the role as Facilitator rather than as Educator, as a necessary step towards empowering the new family.

Model new communication skills between the couple and the healthcare team, and between the mother and her partner.

Demonstrate the key  áreas of the Previda Method that integrate new knowledge about pregnancy, birth and early parenthood  with teaching  styles that go beyond information giving.  The method provides opportunities for reflection, clarity and conviction.  These teaching strategies are cognitive, affective and physical, as well as spiritual, bringing them all into balance.

Provide examples of  transmitting practical information of value but in shorter periods of time, since many modern couples prefer intensive preparation courses of 12 hours or less.

Bring to your attention many interesting trends and methodologies in todays international birth world, so we can be inspired by these creative advances in our field.

Bring into the modern era, preparation courses that  reflect the way our students prefer to learn by understanding their priorities and preconceptions.


2 Days Program  (english)

ONE Day Program  (english)

Programa para profesionales UN DIA (español)

Programa PREPARACIÓN AL PARTO (español)​


Certificate of the workshop is given to all participants 


Amsterdam Workshop

"Thank you so much for depending my knowledge! I learned so much!
Great to be taught how to give childbirth classes! My big challenge now is to let go of some habits and try out some new teaching styles"

Truus Gale, Midwife and Childbirth Educator

"Jenny is lovely and warm, she reached from the heart. I found a lot of new techniques to use in my childbirth education classes. A new perspective of teaching! I am looking forward already to the next time."

Aline Leiers, Midwife and Childbirth Educator

"Hungry for more! Great array of creative possibilities that let your participants make their own discoveries. True empowerment of pregnant women and their partners. You learn how to bring your teaching from a rational place to an emotional level. I loved the alternating of different techniques. Thank you!"

Marieke Wildeman, Midwife and Childbirth Educator