All individuals with a passion for birth and a true vocation for teaching will benefit greatly from our workshops.  We offer a 1, 2 or 3 day workshop titled:

Childbirth simplified

That invigorates the BASE of knowledge and teaching skills that make up the foundation with which all other variables in the course will stem from. In other words, its great to get trainings in birth positioning, wáter birth, doula skills, meditation and movement in order to complement your courses BUT, make sure your BASE reflects these new additions and is congruent with your main messages that support your course philosophy.  If the BASE isn’t well designed and updated, don’t expect anything else to be well learned.

Lets work on your course structure and your teaching strategies before we pretend to be specialists of yet another method.

If you are working in Prenatal Education, you may find yourself at times feeling…

* like you are holding the program up by the sheer willingness of only yourself and would like to work more with a network of other educators
* frustrated because your classes haven’t changed much in the last few years and it can be tedious for you and for your students
* dissatisfied with the results of your course not having made much of a difference in the birth experiences of your students
* hopeful that there are new methods that can add new life into your classes and motivate you to return to loving prenatal education like before.

By participating in our workshops, you will…

* find yourself excited about how you design each class moment to fit the needs of your students
* realize how dynamic and multi faceted prenatal eduction has become in the technological age
* notice a change in your students connection with their maternal experience
*  return to your classes renewed and empowered as a Facilitator