The PREVIDA Foundation is dedicated to training, mentoring and supporting CHILDBIRTH EDUCATORS worldwide.

The PREVIDA Foundation highlights the CBE´s unique skill set and vocation for facilitating this important step in parents’ lives and believes that quality preparation courses are KEY in empowering women to ask for more humanized and respectful birth experiences.

AND. The way we teach must change if we are truly interested in supporting a woman’s right to choose her best option for birth, breastfeeding, and mothering. 

The change begins with the educator

The objectives of the foundation are to speak up when the role of the prenatal educator is supplanted by an unqualified facilitator, to uphold standards, express why it is a unique field of study, and help pregnant couples and other professionals value why preparation courses continue to be so important in the new family’s life. 

We are presently involved in our Covid 19 Project, called Visita en Casa. It is designed to help new parents feel accompanied and strengthened in their decision making about baby care, breastfeeding, mothers’ recovery, emotional wellbeing, and general feelings about their new role in a moment when they don’t have as much support as they need. Hopefully, the levels of anxiety and depression in these families will diminish. 

The foundation is also dedicated to creating certification programs that are compatible with university curriculum in prenatal education, something we know is very complementary to Preschool Education, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Psychology, Nutrition, Obstetrics, and Gynecology, among other careers. 

Other than our WhatsApp chat and FB Group for professionals interested in Perinatal Communication and Pedagogy / Jenny Kozlow, we are also in the early stages of legally establishing an association of Spanish-speaking Prenatal Educators. We would love your help and participation!