Because we do not know our bodies

Why do women distrust their bodies ability to function instinctively during childbirth and breastfeeding?

Because they are the generation that was born from births that were explained to them as complicated, risky and unable to be natural. We are seeing the second generation effect of having been born by c section, most of which are explained as emergencies or heroic interventions, unquestionably necessary or presented without options by the medical community.

The words our mothers use to explain to themselves  and to others, why the births of their children were as they were, are usually distorted by misinformation and lack of understanding.  Some are grandmothers now and realize that they never had the explanations they deserved to partake in their birth stories in an objective and open way. And have passed on to their children these stories that do little to honor their birthright to believe in their ability to give birth as nature intended.


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