The Base

The foundation of every effective childbirth preparation course is its base. The basis with which all added information can comfortably fit into the course objectives without overwhelming the delicate mindset of the pregnant couple. WHAT are the teachings that most support your course philosophy? Are they necessarily what your couples most want to learn? When was the last time you considered rethinking your ideas about what your students are hoping to take away from the time they have invested in your course? The time is now to realize, we as educators, are the ones responsable for changing, for modifying, for opening OUR hearts to meet  our couples where they need us to be….in order to give them that space, that models their ability to birth and parent as they desire.

We take the 6 or 7 questions we asume our couples already have the answers to and we simplify the way we add to their knowledge with teaching skills that integrate their knowing beyond that point, connecting it with other needs and ways of broadening their understanding so they truly interiorize the answers to their most basic questions. Only once this has been established can we pretend to add more learning and techniques to our class time.


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