Changing Roles

Its common for women to feel ambivalent about becoming mothers.

Subconsciously, she may be questioning how unusual it will be to gain equal standing with her own mother.  If that means giving up being the one who is mothered ( the daughter), maybe she doesn’t want it. She still needs it.  Maybe more than ever. It feels good to have her mother taking care of her.   It works both ways.  Possibly the new grand mother has no intention of losing her position of authority as THE ( already established) MOTHER, to a daughter or daughter in law who pretends to earn the same status. Because where would that leave her? Its confusing.

Daddy´s Little Girl? Growing up means its time to let the real little girl be the little girl ( or little boy) .  A make believe little girl cant take care of the real little girl, that has to be let go of. At least to some degree. Its not black and white but its time for a major shift in our family constellation.

If we can bring out in the open possible motives that are in our subconscious, that we have never considered before, of why we feel sensations arising in our bodies when we experience certain things….well, why not bring them out? I say lets use this advantage that the relaxin hormone is producing in our pregnant moms that opens the fascia, softens the ligaments, relaxes the muscles…that opens their heart to considering new things.

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