Go into birth without fear of the process

When you go into birth without fear of the process, it makes it easier for your body to perform more optimally. But on top of that, it also enables you to stay calm and make decisions from a rational perspective, rather than from a highly emotional, state of being; which, can only be a positive thing.


You achieve positive birth experiences – note, I said positive, not natural – when you know your stuff, feel supported by your birth partner, feel heard by your care providers, and feel at ease with the process of birth. These things are not a given. You have to set yourself up for this beforehand, building a solid foundation, in the same way you would set yourself up for an amazing business meeting.


My response to this post is about the benefit of a rational perspective. Is being “rational” or head bound, mentally dominant and “thinking” clearly what helps us birth with more satisfaction?JK

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