Professional ethics

Recently I spoke with doulas in Barcelona about professional ethics. This is a topic I believe all doulas and doula training organizations should include, and hopefully by someone «outside of the tribe». Even though it was little time to work with, I hope I left them with more awareness to be very careful about their attitudes when offering and providing services to clients, about the way they refer to colleagues and how they inadvertently create a way to birth that is ultimately a projection of their own unresolved issues and this is not healthy.

Recientemente hablé sobre la ética profesional con un grupo de doulas en Barcelona. A mi parecer, toda doula y empresas de formación de doulas, deben incluir este tema, preferiblemente por una persona ajena. Aunque fue poco tiempo para desarrollar mis objetivos como presentadora, espero haber sembrado por lo menos una alerta al tener más consciencia en el momento de ofrecer y ejercer su servicio, hablar de demás colegas y encerrar a clientes en expectativas basadas en proyecciones personales.

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