Preparation Course for Expecting Couples

If you are expecting a baby…you may feel at times like….

•   more information isn’t going to make you feel any better about handling labor 
•  conventional preparation courses are outdated and don’t really contribute much
•   you are the only one who feels like you do and question how good of a mother you’ll be
•   your doubts about your partner being able to help you at the birth are well founded

However, have you considered that…

•   thanks to new methodologies that understand the emotional preparation needed for childbirth, there are courses that prepare you and make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in experiencing the welcoming of your baby in a way that will leave a deeply satisfying and forever lasting imprint in your new family´s life
•   PREVIDA is dedicated to providing you with a transformative preparation which gives you knowledge, confidence and clarity
•   Being with other couples gives you a social benefit and a newfound perspective about how you fit into the maternal world 
•   the skills you learn in the course are life skills, the unity you develop with your partner now….create the foundation of your parenting life to come

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